Honda Pilot Warranty

Honda Pilot Extended Service Contracts

Honda Pilot Extended Warranty

Honda Pilot Warranty

Having an extended service protection plan for your vehicle provides you with a peace of mind. Our Honda MasterTech Vehicle Protection Program Plans cover your engine, transmission, transfer case, and drive axle. As an added benefit, you are entitled to rental car reimbursement, manufacturer’s deductible reimbursement, towing, roadside assistance, and travel interruption. If you are looking for even more coverage, our Premier and Ultra warranties cover virtually every aspect of all electrical and mechanical components of your vehicle.


Honda Protection Program

Protect your vehicle and make every mile count with an extended warranty. Your vehicle is made up of many complex parts that all must work together in order to be a safe and reliable vehicle for you and your passengers. The best way to ensure that you will get the most out of your vehicle is to provide it with the best protection.

Easy Payments

We offer flexible and easy payment plans which can be included in your monthly payment or may be paid in full when you purchase your new or pre-owned Honda vehicle. Interest-free pricing may also be available.

Enhanced Resale Value

Extended service contracts add value to your vehicle when you are looking to sell. Extra coverage is an incentive to buyers because they have the reassurance that the vehicle you are selling has been properly maintained. The remaining coverage may also be transferred to the new owner.

Choose Your Warranty Mileage & Time to Match Your Pilot’s Needs

Honda MasterTech Vehicle Protection Program Plans provide protection for new, pre-owned, and program vehicles. Choose the number of desired miles and years to meet your driving needs.

Multiple Deductible Options

Your extended warranty will come with a variety of deductible options that allow you to select one that is right for you. Plans often include a lower deductible when you return to the original selling dealer.

Honda Pilot Extended Warranty

Drive with the Comfort of Knowing You’re Covered

0% Interest financing

Easy payment plans

Money-back guarantee

Enhance your resale value

Convenient nationwide repairs

Multiple deductible options

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